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Belmont Lifestyle Village Testimonials

I would like to convey my thanks and gratitude to all of you…

I would like to convey my thanks and gratitude to all of you for the great care and warmth that you showed to my mother Pam.

Pam was very happy at Belmont Lifestyle Village, enjoying the comfort of her own unit, the companionship of her friends in other units, alongside the security and confidence of knowing that someone was close by if she needed help.

As things became more difficult for Pam everybody at the village showed great understanding and compassion at all times, we certainly appreciated the help, kindness and concern that you all showed to her, Dorothy and me.

The social events at the village were great with everyone mixing well and lots of fun had by the residents and families alike.

Pam enjoyed the outings and activities at the village, the meals and the all-round lifestyle. She particularly appreciated you allowing her to help out with some of the more simple things around the village and making her efforts seem really worthwhile.

Unfortunately due to her failing health she has had to move but we would like to thank you all for being such good friends to Pam and to us.

John and Dorothy Payne

Thank you!

To Karen, Doreen, Hailey, Maggie and Leonie the Belmont Lifestyle Village Care Team!

Tina my Mum was very sick, assessed as Hospital Care Level. You did not hesitate to take on the challenge by inviting her and my Dad to join you at Belmont Lifestyle Village. No other village would accept her and even the hospitals that could care for Mum, were not able to care for my parents so they could stay together at this very difficult time!

The care offered to my parents at Belmont Lifestyle Village by your team was exceptional, you all gave Tina intense physical care she needed and treated her with dignity. I believe have saved her life! She was confined to bed and you got her back on her feet! We are so very grateful. While nursing my Mother you included my father, allowing them to be together which is so important to them.

Belmont Lifestyle Village offers security and care of an exceptional level, where birthdays and celebrations are still important and you become part of one big family!

Well done and thank you so much, we are so grateful.

Jacquie and Linda

It was like one big, happy family, with no distinctions…

At about 7p.m. on Saturday, 12 May, residents, their families and friends gathered in the lounge of Belmont Lifestyle Village for a wine and cheese party to celebrate Mothers’ Day, which was the next day. The gathering was large and everyone was extremely friendly. All generations mixed so very well and couldn’t have been friendlier to all the people, including those they had nicer met. It was like one big, happy family, with no distinctions. People just moved around from person to person and chatted like old friends.

Letter from Resident